It can be used to reserve parking reservations, know fuel prices in advance, and submit service requests. These apps for truckers allow for easy access to information, improved business operations, and an overall increase in quality of life. If you are interested in increasing your efficiency and happiness on the road, here are 12 popular apps that are perfect for any trucker. Overdrive is probably the most credible trucking expert of the nation, multi asset solutions so we can be sure that an app developed by them will be the best in the market. Trucker Tools app has all the features mentioned in the above apps and a lot more not talked about yet. The top features of Fuelbook are Nationwide Diesel Prices, Fuel Discounts, Open Parking Status, Live News and Alerts, Fuel Card, Truck Repair Search, and a lot more. Fuelbook mobile app states that it has fuel price info from over 7000 truck stops across the nation.

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It is always a good way to have some money on the side to cover your spends like fuel, drivers, unexpected repairs in case your client pays latter. If you spend a lot of money and rely on customers to pay on time to continue your freights, you may face an empty pocket and no position to keep up with your work. According to the National Association of Small Trucking Companies , only 15% of newly formed trucking companies will survive in their second year of operation. If it was so easy to do, in the last few years we would not have thousands trucking companies who have lost their equipment and gone bankrupt.

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The app accesses your location, you fill in your truck and trailer info and pay straight from the app. If you would like to learn more about the nitty-gritty details of starting a trucking business, download our free 8,000-word guide on starting a trucking business. Moreover, dash cams can also help you lower your insurance cost. When you are just starting a trucking company, you need to minimize your operational expenditures as much as possible. Dashcams play a crucial role when it comes to driver exoneration and protecting your trucking business from potential liabilities. Otherwise, even a single road accident can financially cripple your trucking business.

Trukky provided timely update and the hassle free booking, they shipped my material on time without any delay, I am very happy with the quality of service & interface. You need to track all your costs and all your income for a lot of reasons. You can’t operate any business, especially a successful one without an accounting plan. Crypto Connectors If you get stuck, check out, you pay one cost and the designers compete for the money. Just make sure the style is the same across everything – biz cards, website, truck signs, etc. For example, if you’re going to focus on hauling construction equipment, your style might focus more on strength and being “manly”.

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DAT has a load board app that is free for all DAT subscribers. It includes features like spot market rates, saved searches, sort options, and company reviews. Truck Smart is another all-purpose trucking app that can fulfill many different needs.

trucking business apps

Yes, it’s possible to start a trucking company with one truck! Available on Google Play and iTunes, Trucker Path Pro offshore web development is a comprehensive smartphone app that allows truckers to share the tricks of the trade on an interactive map.


Search through the 993,000 loads posted every business day, right from the palm of your hand. A trucking management software that doesn’t do the bare minimum trucking business apps isn’t worth the money, even if it’s free. Trukky provides the simplest way of booking transportation on the cheapest rates with quality services.

There are many software products that help take the pain out of bookkeeping. trucking business apps This article reviews many of the best accounting software brands available.

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Look for access to water for being able to keep the trucks clean, and space to perform maintenance and repairs. So if your trucking business apps focus is on servicing the restaurant and hospitality industry, you may need to invest more money into refrigerated trucks.

But then you can also charge more for your services into refrigerated trucks. But the good news is that you don’t have to have all that to get started. There are tons of financing options available to you as a trucker. You can finance your truck, which is your largest startup expense. So if you’re thinking “Is now a good time to open a cross platform app development trucking company? The U.S. economy depends on the trucking industry to deliver $671 billion in goods every year, or about 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S. Economy depends on the trucking industry to deliver $671 billion in goods every year, or about 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S.

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We offer affordable pricing solutions, starting at just $7.95 / month and we assure there is no better value in the industry. We’ll help you create and manage dispatches, keep track of your check calls and expenses, as well as take pictures of and send important documents. In order to avoid unnecessary spending and increase the profit, trucking companies must implement a system where expenses will be minimized and totally controlled.

NOAA Weather Radio allows you to view current and “feels like” temperatures, humidity information, rain chances, wind speed and direction. Not only does NOAA provide sto vs ico current weather conditions, but you can receive notifications sent straight to their device when bad weather is approaching in their current location.

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There are far too many to list in this article, but every driver should have an idea of the different types of apps that are available — most of them at no cost. You never know what you might find to make trucking life easier. Every truck driver needs some downtime at the end of the day. It can be hard for some to stay connected with friends and family as well as eating healthy and relaxation. These apps are designed to help you relax and stay connected with loved ones. Some of these apps help you stay healthy and fit, which can be hard to do when living on the road. NOAA Weather Radio is an app that puts information from a network of weather stations right at your fingertips.

But one thing we have in common with every other business is you have to have a plan for your business. Wanting to be in the trucking industry takes a lot of planning. You need to have an idea of the structuring and sales projections of your business. With subcontractors, your drivers aren’t actually employed by your company. It definitely lowers your operating costs and expenses, but also eats into your profits. I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know about how to start a trucking company in one short post. So if you’re looking to start a trucking company, you came to the right place.