‘God! Jungkook exactly why are you right here this late? Also come in, quick!

It had been just at 1am as you were about to go to bed on the third night of solidarity, that a knock had sounded at your door and you’d frowned, wondering who could be calling for you.

On edge, but just the thought of the maknae being alone outside at 1am in the morning had you quickly lunging for the door and flinging it open, mouth dropping as you see him hunched over, clothes absolutely soaked from rain and teeth chattering away if he hadn’t have called your name, you probably wouldn’t have answered the door- although the fact that he had called your name also set you.

‘God! Jungkook exactly why are you right here this belated? Are available in, quick! I’ll get you some towels. ’ you say, reaching to grab his arm and pulling him inside, shutting the hinged home hurriedly before jogging away to get some good towels.

You had left him, the chattering having quietened slightly and the violent shaking of his body having reduced with the heat of your apartment when you return, he’s stood just where. He reaches for a towel the moment you can him, you move them quickly out of their grasp.

‘You’ll want to simply take your clothes off first, I’ll put them within the dryer for you personally whilst you heat up and dry off. ’ you explain, seeing a flicker of something cross their look, and you get chucking the bonnet right right back on their coat and peeling it well for him, starting a heap while you opt for the hem of their top, getting hired half method up their chest- attempting to not oggle their toned stomach, before you recognise he’s simply stood viewing you, hands raised as he waits to help you eliminate their top, but apart from that, he makes no go on to assist you to.

‘Jungkook-ie, exactly why are you right right here? ’ you murmur quietly, incorporating the top to your heap after which using one step right straight straight back, korean camcontacts your eyes telling him which he needed to just take their very own pants down.

‘Because you’dn’t respond to my communications. ’ he replies, still maybe perhaps not making a move while he watches you, head lower making sure that he had been looking down at your slightly smaller stature.

‘at 1am? ’ you ask, confusion clear in your voice, despite the fact that his gaze was telling you exactly why he was there if you really wanted to talk to me, you could have just come around earlier, why are you here.

‘like it was the most obvious thing in the world as he takes a step towards you, and you instinctively take a step back, sucking in a breath as you look up to see his eyes narrowing where they were glued to you because I had to come when no-one else would follow me. ’ he says.

‘Because Taehyung got their turn, and today i would like mine. ’ he growls, using another action towards you and also this time he manages to seize you before you cool off once more, their hold on your own wrist tight, although it loosens when he’s sure you wont go again.

‘You’re water that is getting over my flooring. ’ you explain, attempting to concentrate on another thing, whatever else, except the way in which their abs had been tensing each and every time he took a breathing, shoulders heaving in sync as you thought back to the night ‘Taehyung got his turn’ with them, trying not to focus on the growing heat that began to pool between your legs.

‘It had been a blunder Kookie, it wasn’t supposed to take place! We had been drunk. ’ you insist, attempting to fight the growing arousal that was washing over your system in waves, your feet shaking as their hand travels your supply fingertips grazing over your collarbones or over your throat till they certainly were simply scarcely cleaning across your lips and you also sigh against them, whimpering somewhat during the lust in Jungkook’s eyes, the darkness which had over taken them, letting you know which he wasn’t hearing your excuses, having currently seen and heard the manner in which you had been keening for him.