HitBTC was founded by using 6 million euros of venture capital money. It has not been revealed yet, who was the founder of this website, or the mastermind of this platform. It looks to simply be a venture by a company who thought it would be a good idea to start a cryptocurrency exchange. The Chicago based company, Hit Tech limited were responsible for HitBTC. Despite any difference in opinion, Cryptopay tokens are still listed on HitBTC exchange, meaning that the relationship is not completely over. Although not to much came out about it in the press, users were vocal of their displeasure on online forums and review platforms. HitBTC did not cover themselves in glory as they refused to provide any information about the incident.

Once you are up to speed, you can join the trading tournaments, where you can compete against fellow traders to win cash prizes in bitcoin and other altcoins. Now it’s time to tell you how you do the deposit and trade on HitBTC.

  • Users deposit the preferred currency into their wallet and move funds between the primary and trading accounts.
  • The fiat withdrawals and deposits allowed for Qualified accounts are $10,000 per week and around $50,000 per month.
  • After completing the transaction, users then have the option to transfer funds to an external wallet.
  • Although the exchange is more tailored toward professional traders, the trading process is relatively simple.
  • The final tier is qualified, in which you do not need to pay for any crypto deposits.
  • With this account, you may withdraw more than $25,000 worth of cryptocurrency per day.

This platform also provides cold storage to ensure offline trading and exchange of different types of cryptocurrencies around the world. When it comes to security and safety of the users’ funds and trading, this platform gives users peace of mind. Once the users have created a general trading account, they can start trading hitbtc exchange review different types of cryptocurrency using this exchange platform. Based on their precise needs and requirements, the users can also easily deposit, trade, and exchange their cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. Moreover, they can enjoy the benefits of stop and limit trading on this platform at their convenience.

On July 06, 2020, HitBTC Rolls Out Margin Trading with up to x10 leverage on its main platform. Note that the content on this site should not be considered investment advice. This site is not intended for use in jurisdictions in which the trading or investments described are prohibited and should only be used by such persons and in such ways as are legally permitted. Your investment may not qualify for investor protection in your country or state of residence, so please conduct your own due diligence.

In order to make the trading and exchange of different types of cryptocurrency safe, this cryptocurrency exchange makes use of a 2-step authentication system. The exchange platform also makes use of an advanced encryption technology in order to make the trading highly secure and safe for traders regardless of their trading experience.

We talked and he promised that the issue would be taken care of. It seems a bit odd to me that a company knows there is a technical issue on their side and instead of immediately reimbursing my balance, they just keep me waiting with no access to my funds. The issue you reported requires additional investigation. We have escalated the issue to our second-level support experts and flagged it as a high priority. I haven’t actively used it for trading until the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold forks came about. Whenever I claimed a new coin from one of these Bitcoin forks, I would immediately sell it on HitBTC. I initially reviewed HitBTC back in 2014 when I just started out 99Bitcoins.

This kind of order is a limit order for a determined price. As the price reaches the stop price, the order turns into a limit order (so for stop-limit order you should specify both stop and limit prices). The Exchange tab also provides a look into the current market state and allows you to see the latest sales made on HitBTC, the order book, and other information. The history of trades is available hitbtc exchange review in the “My Orders and Trades” box. If you proceed to “Reports” and then click on “My Orders”, you will get into the section where you can see the cross-market trades and manage your orders . BTC/USDT Chart on HitBTC exchangeUser reviews about HitBTC exchange are mixed. Some of these reviews have dated badly, some lack important facts, and others don’t address the exchange criticism properly.

How To Register On Hitbtc

Established in 2013, HitBTC has been around for a long time in cryptocurrency terms. This popular digital currency exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading on more than 300 coins and tokens, including many major currencies and a host of rarer altcoins. It doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal limits and also offers an over-the-counter service for customers who want to place trades of $100,000 or more. Both exchanges support plenty of trading pairs and provide high accuracy thanks to high liquidity and strong matching engines. However, HitBTC offers more trading pairs and supports twice as many coins as Binance — over 370. If you are looking for some specific coin there are more chances of finding it on HitBTC.

The traders or users of the HitBTC are provided compulsorily with two accounts, and this is not normal with most trading platforms. The first or main account is used for the storage of cryptocurrencies. This account does not accommodate any other activities aside from this primary assignment of storage. The second account is a trading cryptocurrency news account, and as the name implies, it is used for trading valuable financial assets. This account is programmed to fully serve this purpose or function. These two accounts are distinct in every way and are managed by the user. As an exchange platform, HitBTC started off with very few currency pairs available for trading.

The platform supports different types of order types, including fill or kill, immediate or cancel, market, good-till-cancelled, and good-till-day/time. With support for over hitbtc exchange review 150 tradable digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, initial coin offering , and ICO tokens, HitBtc is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform.

hitbtc exchange review

I answer all you queries and yet you still do not lift the block you have made preventing me from accessing my account. I’ve asked for my withdrawal since End of October, was passed on to the withdrawal team apparently, if it wasn’t for refundcart c.om I’ll still be waiting for my £7500. So you consider you would withdraw but google problems with withdrawals. While there’s no specific issue you can put your finger on, the exchange just brings up too many red flags. Personally and especially after what I’ve been through with them, I would recommend to stay away from this exchange if possible.

What Countries Does Hitbtc Support?

I’ve also tried to get access to my account after upgrading my phone and the 2FA app not carrying the details over. I’ve been trying to sort this out for 6 weeks so far and have provided all required information. Now I’m following up every other day and getting no replies. Thank you the support team responded kindly to get my issue resolved. Reached out multiple times to resolve 2FA — Being ignored. I threw in a small amount of 40 XEM to exchange for another coin. As a result, they cannot even be withdrawn now, the commission is 102 XEM.

There are only a few exchanges that have a simpler signup processes than HitBtc. Traders just need to provide an email address and set a password. Unless the trader wants to trade with fiat currency, verification procedures are not mandatory. Users will receive a general account with unlimited cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals after registering with the platform. There is no limit or fee for depositing cryptocurrencies on this cryptocurrency exchange platform. Depending on the size of their deposit and the cryptocurrency used, the users of this platform will be charged a fee for depositing fiat currency . Many professional investors are attracted by the relatively low fees charged by the platform on trades.

More Disadvantages Of Hitbtc

Also, the exchange employs a sophisticated legal team and complies with GDPR regulations, thus giving you full control over your https://tokenexus.com/ data and privacy. By registering at the platform, you confirm that you’re not a citizen or resident of any of these countries.

hitbtc exchange review

Nevertheless, HitBTC exchange is open about its official location.

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After you consent HitBTC to collect certain data you are free to start using HitBTC. Mostly https://tokenexus.com/hitbtc-review/ registration takes as much time as you need to read the text of Privacy Policy.

hitbtc exchange review

First and foremost, while HitBTC has never reported any third-party hacks, it is important to note that there is a significant number of complaints in the public domain about users being hacked. Now, while such accusations cannot be substantiated with any certainty, if the general consensus is that HitBTC has suffered multiple hacking attempts, then it is likely to be true. Once you’re on the trading screen for the coin you want to buy, scroll down below the main chart. When the link opens a new tab, you will need to copy and paste the code that was contained within the email. Although there is muchnot to like about the HitBTC platform, one its strongest attributes is its extremely low fee structure. The exchange team typically responds within 24 hours, but, in my experience, the resolution of some issues may take several weeks. An extensive knowledgebase comprised of articles about all HitBTC platform features.

In general, these two problems are the worst issues of HitBTC. Please note that if you face any of these problems it doesn’t mean that the exchange is a scam and most likely all of your problems will be solved after a while.

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Many users complained of their coins being ‘lost’ on the platform, as well as delayed or no withdrawals from the exchange. The fees structure of HitBTC exchange is different and fairly competitive when compared to other exchanges out there. They charge 0.1% from takers , and they provide 0.01% rebate to makers . This mechanism hitbtc exchange review or design is followed nowhere else and very much a way of inviting users to buy and not to sell their coins. Every exchange charges both sides of the trade-in some form or another but HitBTC is the only one to offer a rebate when buying. Just like HitBTC, Huobi is one of the oldest players on the crypto exchange market.

The immediate trade transactions on this platform will incur an execution fee of 0.1%. Moreover, the traders will be granted a 0.01% rebate for carrying out non-immediate cryptocurrency transaction. HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade hundreds of altcoins against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major altcoins. The exchange is on the market since 2013 and provides a reliable trading environment for those who would like to trade with lesser-known coins. You can try out the features on HitBTC using a demo account where you are given 2000 USDT to test your trading skills in paper trading.